November was an extremely busy month for me, a month devoted to unfamiliar new places, interesting work, and  travelling. And the vacation was not less interesting . The most important thing that this month gave me is a new interesting experience.

In November Russian Art Week competition has began. When I saw announcement, I decided to try myself all through this opportunity. Bringing to Russia the huge parcel of my own works, primarily taken from the stretchers, we headed to the MARS Gallery in Moscow, where the event was held.

I chose my favorite works, expecting audience to love it as much as I do)))






The exhibition lasted for one week, and during it, various workshops and lectures related to the techniques of decoupage, creating dolls and other crafts techniques were taken place in gallery. Unfortunately I was unable to visit it, but I think a lot of artists and visitors enjoyed the opportunity to participate and attend it, and at the same time to evaluate the works of participants.

The competition was divided into categories: Painting Competition, competition of grafic art, competition of graphic design, sculpture contest, arts and crafts competition, contest of artistic textiles, photography contest 
Depending of artist's proffesionalism everyone where divided to students, amateurs and professionals.

Well, there where to many categories, such as landscape, still life, nude and so on, but I will not list them all. I participated painting contest in experimental painting category as a professional. Later I realized that one of the paintings I could put in the category of nudes, but this idea in my head sadly never came))) 







Professional jury assessed long painting on a 6-point scale, and then all the scores where sum up, and thus the commission determined the winners. To my delight, I was one of them))) The Flat Iron Building painting have taken a third prize))