Hello to everybody who find this post interesting to himself)))

Recently there was rather pleasant event for Ukraine, and Kharkov including, Do-co-mo-mo)))) Conference has been devoted studying and protection of the Ukrainian avant-guard in architecture. 


 And as the meeting has taken place in the city of Kharkov, the first day certainly occurred within  the most tremendous building of GosProm, however he can be noticed and on the poster of conference. The handsome Gosprom has opened the doors to all interested it that event, and also to visitors from the most different countries)))) It was pleasant to hear speeches in English.
The building beginning has occurred in 1925, and in 3 years the building has been put in operation, the severe man with a frightening name Felix Dzerzhynsky, has helped it to occur. Now the building is 83 years old,  it would have  beeen possible to tell that it has perfectly remained, but, for a pity it is not so.


But it better to begin with a good news))))

As building facades have been partially reconstructed, on a main Kharkiv square we can see fresh  Gosprom shine (let it be not authentic, but preety nice from first sight.


From back facades some defects in "beautylising" of the city, however it is also could be found as a good.  We still have a chance to enjoy how the mica shines in such a cold weather. 



But trully, the only thing we have thought of at that moment was a cup of extremely hot coffe)))


When at last we appear inside,  we fully enjoy fotography of the 20-ty's.


The Crucial issue of the excursion was to entroduce everybody with a power of constructivism, as thought it is a rare  architectural style. As for me I was impressed what the time and human negligence with a great architecture. The windows of Gosprom emphasized this feeling.



Such a behaviour is unexusable!!!



But however, the fase of the building it looks good))


Anyway, despite of everything, it is great that we had a chance to visit the conference, and more important to see with own eyes, what the influence of the essential problems on ukrainian architecture.